“Most young men are living in a state of quiet desperation”

It’s a FACT!

At this time in our existence the man has lost focus. He has lost the confidence of mainstream society.

We are living in very difficult times and especially if you are a man.

There are not too many avenues left to pursue for a man to have complete success in life and to forge his own path.

It starts with a strategy and it starts with shutting out the mainstream world.

Currently there is a movement to steal your voice, your confidence and your chance of true sovereignty.

Wake up!

Why is no one talking about this?

Most men are living a life of quiet desperation.

Men have this deep seeded anger and resentment because there are a bunch of people out there that have these lives that are deeply unsatisfying.

You have most men that are working all the time and are extremely unsatisfied with their daily life and it is actually very painful for them.

It is soul killing.

They feel betrayed, they feel lost at times and they do not understand how to get on track. Their talents and ideas are being wasted because they have become someone else’s machine.

They are stuck in traffic all day, then stuck in a cubicle or some mindless job after that.

They actually relish the time to actually take a shit in the bathroom just to escape to look at their phone and get a dopamine rush by some stupid social media app.

That is literally the highlight of their day. They are roaming around like lost sheep waiting for their shepherd to come herd them into their next box.

They get in traffic on their way home, they get home and they waste their night streaming Netflix or, once again, getting dopamine fixes off of social media and empty content videos.

If the men out there have a regular day job and if they could find just one thing as a passion project, things would start to change for them.

This takes STRATEGY and INTENTIONAL living.

You need to begin, start creating and start building on it. Screw the naysayers. Screw your friends who try to talk you out of bettering yourself. Create your vision, create your destination and keep building.


This is why the mTm Initiative was created.

You don’t have to give your time away by taking someone else’s prescription in life. When you are taking someone else’s prescription and you think you are going to have success.

You are wrong.

You have already failed. I have seen it so many times. Guys will do all the right things, get all the right education, dress the right way, listen to what society tells them to do. In the end, they live a life of debt and become ever more miserable and in the end. The prescription they took only made them more ill. They become lost.

Why? Because in the mind they don’t see the path to true sovereignty. They do not know the recipe to be their true self.

There are many men out there in this world who would rather do something else in life. You need to understand that you can. It is possible. Quit lying to yourself.

Guys that are trapped in these situations, one of the problems is that you feel like this is your future, you feel trapped and there is no hope, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

And, if you feel like that alone, it can be incredibly defining and limiting. But, (pay attention here) if you can look at yourself objectively and actually be honest with yourself. “I’m in credit card debt, I’m working in a shitty job, I don’t like what I am doing, but I have some ideas. I need to feed those ideas, I need to nurture those ideas and set a certain amount of time every day to try to make something happen each and every day.” Quit being a fool and build some character and show as much discipline to this as you do streaming Netflix or watching random and mindless video streams.

It doesn’t have to be much, just one step at a time will start building some momentum. This momentum will start building a newfound sense of confidence. It is a fact, it is a sense of empowerment. It is a proven chemical reaction that is healthy and begins to form a newfound sense of clarity.

Everyone has a different personality, different interests. Different things they would be really satisfied doing.

This is NOT encouraged in society. The guilt trips and mental psyops are daunting.

What’s encouraged is go find a job, go find a place you can shove yourself into, go find a square hole that you can stick your round peg into, so you can force your way into something you don’t belong to and have no interest in being a part of.

Only because you need a job, you don’t need to listen to yourself. Because you are a debt slave, you have credit cards, you have student loans, that’s what everyone does, that’s what is wrong.

You have an apartment you have to pay for, you have a car payment, you have a girlfriend or a wife you have to feed, you have a child you have to raise. You have your mortgage, you have your this, you have your that.

The opportunity usually takes place when you are young and you have zero responsibility. Your opportunities become more and more scarce the more responsibilities you gather. It is time that you understand this and that it hits home.

At this time he needs one thing, his Sovereign Mind.

It is about creating a destination. Once you know your destination. The planning and results come easy because, in your mind, you have already arrived.

No one ever talks about this. You have all these fake self-help gurus that sell you some academic solution that is a big one size fits all plan. They sell in numbers. Quantity is their scale of business. It does not speak to the individual self which is you. The Initiative’s strength and legacy is you.


You have to come to the realization that you screwed up, you got yourself stuck. So whatever it is you are going to do, you have to do it like your life depended on it. You have to be intentional. You can not be random.

Most people don’t have these things, most guys weren’t taught this. They don’t fully understand the importance of NOT being random in life. True Focus and concentration are a lost cause.

Critical Thinking and Critical Action is a lost art. It has become priceless and has created a new form of opportunity that most people do not see. You see it because you are here.