The Biggest Problem

is YOU and you are not a victim. BUT, you have been dealt an unfair hand, it is time to stand up and get based it is time to #Questus_Ex.

You have been lied to and are continuing to be lied to. Young people in this country are lost as a whole.

It is not their fault but it is their responsibility to acknowledge this fact and to begin making the needed changes.


Quick outline:

  • Institutional thought
  • Horrible and useless degrees
  • College debt
  • Covid 19
  • Global lockdowns
  • Loss of critical thinking
  • Woke culture
  • Loss of personal sovereignty
  • Loss of personal freedoms
  • Obesity epidemic
  • Industrial food complex
  • Hyperinflation
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of professional jobs
  • Housing prices
  • Inflated renters market

I could go on, this is a good start. It is time for an awakening and it is time that people and especially the younger generation wake up and take control. It is time to quit living an interface surface level of life and it is time to look under the covers of the manipulation and programming that is being done to you right now.


Things are being removed from us and they are being replaced.

Just normal everyday skills are being taken from you and they are truly disappearing.


Education has certainly been replaced with whatever it is that we call it today. I call it being taught someone else’s technique and taking the global corporations' prescriptions on how they think you should be living your life.

There is an indoctrination that people are receiving and even if you are wanting to learn a specific skill you can go to a university for higher education or you can do an apprenticeship for that education.

BUT, in that environment, you will only ever learn one skill. They are not going to teach you or you will not learn all the skills you need to survive in life and this is done on purpose.

These are skills that everyone used to have and common things that people simply used to take for granted. Things that we would learn how to do just because they were the type of skills you needed to survive being an average citizen. They were skills that helped you live and gave you a base and foundation to improve your actual intelligence, freedom, and overall wealth.

The younger generation doesn’t have to do these anymore, they are actually being looked after and programmed by the system. A small population of the younger generation is finally starting to wake up, they are starting to have some clarity and they want change.

Ask yourself a question, is it that you are being looked after with your best interest in mind or is it something bigger with a plan that you can’t quite see or completely understand? Is it really a forced dependency?

That is something that you really need to look at because when you are dependent on something for your survival then you are completely disempowered and you are at the whim and the control of whatever that thing is.

Generally, that is the way people are in the world today because there are many people in the world today who simply do not know how to survive without the city and without the system being there.

This isn’t a bad thing, it is how we have evolved. We have always relied on our common man and it has taken us far and it is a beautiful thing. Guess what? They have taken the common man out of the equation.

There is so much dependency that’s been created in the world today and it happens on so many levels that you actually can’t see the forest through the trees.

A quick example, many people have no idea how to read a map and wouldn’t even know how to get around their own city without being reliant on GPS. This is the place they are spending their life in and they really never even take the time to explore or to even discover, they just follow what their smartphone tells them to do and are not experiencing any kind of journey along the way to their next destination. This is called navigation. If you don’t know how to navigate through your own city, how do you expect to navigate yourself through your own life? You are not thinking, you are reacting. You are living an interface surface level of life.


How can you say that you are your own self?
That you are truly independent?


Many people have no clue on how to grow their own food anymore because they can just go down to the local corner store and purchase something in a box or drive through the closest fast-food restaurant. This is an extremely high time preference of priorities.

No one knows how to hunt or to gather. They only know how to consume what is put in front of them without any true knowledge of how that food item or piece of information ended up in front of them. This is not known by most or even discussed because why would you know or be aware if you were not taught the importance of these small enlightenments.

Many of you don’t even write anymore, or maybe you really never have. You type or you use your thumbs on your devices.

You really don’t even have to know how to spell or how to use proper grammar. You have a software application that does it for you. People do not even know how to have a personal conversation when you look each other in the eyes. This is a division of interpersonal communication.

Quite honestly people don’t even have to know how to speak their own language. Believe it or not, this is by design and the younger generation is falling prey to this system.

Communication is not a means to an end, communication takes clarity, it takes intentional thought processes. It is the true foundation of critical thinking. Without the ability to think on a critical level you are nothing more than a piece of the software code that is directing you through your life.

Our institutions and educational systems are failing at teaching these critical skills. A lot of people laugh at this because they have the luxury of not having to think about it. They pass it off because they believe their personal empowerment is not vulnerable. Maybe they are right, but one thing they are missing is that they are absent a different level of thinking that can actually lead them to greater heights of personal freedoms and independence.

The system is teaching people to be something that they are not. One of the most constructive things people can do for our children and for the world is to remove yourself from the government-run education systems and the overly centralized institutions that are indoctrinating you with this defeating level of thought processing and dependency.

This might sound bold or might be an unpopular opinion to some or most but you will see this is going to be the future for some and for some they will continue being led down a path that they are not aware of because they actually want and need it. It is in their DNA. The last year and a half has definitely proved this. It is not a judgment, it is a well-informed observation.

It is time for people to start growing a backbone and start taking responsibility for their thought processes. There is a world of opportunity out there for the informed individual to pioneer a new way of living and a new way of thinking.

To start off people need to start asking the right questions, but really people don’t even question anything. They just continue to be herded along and told what to do.

Interface surface level of living. People just blindly believe, they blindly accept what they are given and what they are told. There is no debate anymore, there is no difference of opinion. It is frowned upon and not allowed, and most people are too afraid of losing their current lifestyle to even question the slightest thing.


Right now the system is removing everyone from their own thought processes and their own life skills needed to have a joyous and rewarding life.

It is extremely apparent that this is taking place and a lot of society is sleepwalking.

The more small freedoms that we lose each year is more control you give over to the systems and the devices that run your life.

We have lost touch with ourselves and that is the problem.


We are being led into a “Smart System” and before long we will be completely dependent on this smart system.

Our dependency will be determined on how well we are behaved according to the guidelines that you are currently following and the data you create each day.

When was the last time you took a step back and started thinking about why you are making the decisions you are making, why are you making the purchases you are making, why are you eating the food you are eating, why you are listening to certain media and or institutional thought leaders. Are you afraid? Are you in the dark? What is stopping you from taking inventory? What is stopping you from being accountable for your own self instead of being reliant on a system that dictates what your responsibility should be?

There needs to be a strategy, analysis, and a new form of inner engineering presented to the younger generation.

There is a small group of very well and very intelligent individuals out there that are changing things on a foundational level.

They are saying no to the centralized thought processes that got us here. They are actually pioneering a decentralized thought process that in theory can save us and take us down a new path to personal freedom and personal sovereignty.

Here at the mTm Initiative we are one of those groups. We want to attract other like-minded people like yourself.


This is the first blog in many to come.

We will be moving forward with a decentralized think tank that is a newfound brain trust which will incubate a new form of genius and independence.

We hope that you will follow along and come along for the ride.

If you would like to see more, you can provide us your information through our website and we will be in touch with you.

Forget everything you have been programmed to think and start over. If it is valuable you will know. This is a gift, you just might not know it yet.

Modern The Man



Thought of the day

High time preference = mass consumption shorter life span

Low time preference = less consumption longer life span

Which game theory character have you been molded into?

Take control